The Need for Change in Vascular Health Management:

The incidence of cardiovascular and kidney disease in Windsor and Essex county are the highest in the province. The number one cause of hospital admissions and death in our region is cardiovascular disease with mortality rates from cardiovascular disease exceeding 33%, between 2007-2011. Cardiovascular disease includes heart disease, stroke, diseases of the circulation and kidney disease. A large percentage of people in our community are at high risk for these conditions. This includes people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or people who are known to have a history of cardiac or kidney disease.

The changing dynamics of our aging population and the escalating costs of acute care services mandate a change to our current model of health care delivery. The complex nature of the high-risk cardiovascular and renal patient necessitates a collaborative multispecialty and multidisciplinary approach to patient care and a shift away from a traditionally siloed and reactive acute care model. A shift towards a more coordinated, proactive and preventative patient-centred model, in a community setting, will almost certainly translate into improved patient outcomes and significant savings for our patients and the taxpaying community. 

​Our Vision:

​The Windsor Regional Vascular Health and Research Institute proposes to serve the high-risk cardiovascular and renal patient using a novel 5 Pillar Model of Care in order to promote patient-centred, evidence-based and cost-effective strategies to reduce the burden of illness in Windsor-Essex County. Our primary goal is to utilize an academic and research based approach to reducing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular and kidney disease. With the support and involvement of all local specialists co-ordinating care plans with primary care practitioners and prospectively evaluating patient outcomes. We have a tremendous opportunity to  reduce the risk of heart disease and kidney disease in our community and the burden this places on patients and their families. 

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Our Vision Since 2011

Supported by: Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network and the Ontario Renal Network

​​​Our Objectives:

1. To better support the central role of primary care practitioners, who have the greatest influence on affecting positive health care changes in patients to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and renal disease.

2. To improve coordination of and access to specialty services to better meet the needs of patients and primary care practitioners.

3. To research the impact of a novel integrated model of specialty care with respect to health care outcomes and cost effectiveness in an academic research setting in order to lower cardiovascular and kidney disease morbidity and mortality.

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