Our Research

Our team is actively involved in clinical research relating to cardiovascular and kidney disease.

Our Services

  • Optimizing evidence-based treatment strategies

  • Screening for secondary causes of hypertension

  • Renal biopsies

  • Preventative lifestyle and diet counselling

  • Ambulatory BP monitoring

  • Vascular Risk Modification

  • Pre-operative Clearance

  • Multi-Disciplinary Care

  • Dialysis Education and Initiation

Windsor Regional

Vascular Health and Research Institute

Kidney and Dialysis Research Institute

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ASN 2017

The Chronic Kidney Disease and Prevention Clinic specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and management of all forms of kidney disease. We utilize evidence-based practices to try and prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease.  Our team of multidisciplinary specialists are focused on maintaining the health and well-being of patients with kidney disease.  We manage the earliest forms of kidney disease through to helping patients transition to dialysis therapy and kidney transplantation when needed.

The Regional Hypertension Clinic focuses on optimally managing hypertension in our patient population to prevent cardiovascular disease.  Our highly skilled and qualified specialty team work together to try and ensure optimal outcomes.  We believe in utilizing a multidisciplinary approach including lifestyle intervention and evidence-based medical practices to help keep people healthy and reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease.

The FIRST & ONLY Hypertension Practice Center in Canada to be accredited by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HYPERTENSION (ASH)


Dr. A. Kadri                            Physician

Dr. Obead Yaseen                Physician

Jessica Zapata                       Nurse

Mohammed Ibrahim           Pharmacist

Fawn Vellinga                        Administrator

Naheda Ghamraoui             Administrator